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SOUND RC - Engine Sound & Light system for RC

New version ! ! ! 9TURBO RC SOUND-MINI will available on Feb 1, 2016

Please click at photo to see detail of SOUND-MINI and LIGHT-MINI

Please click at photo to see detail of SOUND-MINI and LIGHT-MINI



9TURBO RC Sound & Light Firmware V1.3 Features:
+ Micro Controller control unit.
+ Sound data chip for diesel engine, chip code SC
+ Sound data chip for gasoline turbo engine , chip code DP
+ 3 mode effect for Drift , Rally, Scale
+ Servo input 3ch from RC receiver
+ RX Ch1 get steering position for control tyre effect sound and turn lamps
+ RX Ch2 get throttle position for control engine sound and effect sound, control brake and reverse lamp
+ RX Ch3 get AUX position for control Horn, control Front/Tail lamps, Emergency lamps
+ Lamp system control front, Tail, Brake, Reverse, Turn, Emergency lamps
+ Sound have 2 channel. sound ch1 for engine sound, sound ch2 for tyre effect, Blow Off Valve, horn
+ Audio Amplifier 4 watts
+ Speaker 8 ohm 5 watts
+ Input voltage 7.2-9 Volt
This version was discontinued

During develop new version with product name "RC SOUND-MINI" and "RC LIGHT-MINI".
To see developing update >>

!!! UPDATE !!!
RC Sound & Light - new firmware V 1.3 - Rally mode light system demonstration

9TURBO RC Sound & Light FW V1.3 for Drift / Rally / Scale

Firmware update V1.3 December 9, 2012

+ it have 3 modes, Drift / Rally / Scale.
Drift and rally use same DP sound chip(Gasoline engine). Scale use SC sound chip (Diesel engine).

+ use "chirp-chirp" sound instead of horn sound, for control front/fog lamp and aux1/aux2 lamp sets.
you will not have annoy about very loud horn sound when control these lamp sets.

+ use hard steering associated with CH3 for control front/fog lamp and aux1/aux2 lamp sets.

+ DP sound chip have 2 mode in same chip, drift mode and rally mode selectable by jumper.
Rally is a new mode. engine & exhaust sound is gasoline in DP sound chip,
but it no have Blow off, engine cut, tyre break, and tyre hard steering sounds. it suitable for rally car sound.

+ about fog lamps.
Drift mode, Fog lamps work as flashing lamps.
Rally mode, Fog lamps work as fog lamps.
Scale mode, Fog lamps work as fog lamps.

RC Sound & Light - Drift gassoline revving exhaust sound

RC Sound & Light - Scale diesel revving engine sound

RC Sound & Light - Test light system

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